Electronic key – iButton magnetic

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Realize a simple access control with the electronic key (= iButton) on 1-Wire basis.


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  • Product Specs
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  • perfect for all types of projects: single-family houses, residential buildings, hotels, offices, and much more.
  • easy and inexpensive
  • individual access authorizations
  • Chip with worldwide unique serial number

The electronic key contains a chip with a globally unique and unchangeable serial number. This enables an electronic key to be assigned to a specific person. With this technology you can implement a simple and efficient access system for your own four walls, your company or your club. A signal is transmitted by applying the electronic key to the electronic key reader. The electronic key reader can be connected to the Loxone 1-Wire Extension .

Thanks to the seamless integration of this solution into our Config software, individual requests with regard to authorizations or coupled functions (e.g. consumption recording on copiers or presence control in companies) can be easily implemented. This solution can also be used, for example, to protect a machine park. Objective: Only authorized employees are allowed to use certain machines.

  • Signal transmission via 1-Wire
  • Serial number: Worldwide unique and unchangeable with 64Bit
  • Data transfer rate: 16.3 kbit / s
  • Temperature range: -40 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Operating voltage: 2.8 V to 6 V.
  • Based on iButton technology
  • Type DS1990A + F5


  • 1 x iButton (magnetic)


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