Electronic key – iButton reader indoor

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Use the magnetic iButton reader to implement an intelligent access solution on a 1-wire basis for your customers.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • for a simple, inexpensive and efficient access system
  • perfect for home, office, warehouse, and much more.
  • Coupling functions (e.g. welcome scene when creating the key)
  • Mounting on wall, panels or housing

With this technology, you can implement a simple and efficient access system for all your customer projects – regardless of whether you own a home, apartment, company or club.
By seamlessly integrating this solution into our Loxone Config Software, individual wishes can respect permissions or coupled functions (eg key Creating the home side at night causes open door + light switch + dim favorite music playing in the foyer, etc.) to implement simple. Your imagination is the limit. This solution can also be used, for example, to protect a machine park. Objective: Only authorized employees are allowed to use certain machines. The activation takes place by creating the iButton on the reader. The iButton is held in the reader by the magnet.
A signal is transmitted by applying an electronic key to the electronic key reader. When a magnetic key is put on, the iButton is held in the reader. The electronic key reader can be connected to a 1-Wire device such as the 1-Wire Extension.

You can simply plaster the electronic key reader in the wall or mount it on panels or housings. It is suitable for installation in panels or housings with a material thickness of up to 5mm and a push-through diameter of 20mm. The electronic key reader is waterproof, but not suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. The ” Electronic Key Reader Outdoor ” is recommended for outdoor applications.

The electronic key reader is connected to the Loxone 1-Wire Extension. The white wire to “DATA” of the extension, the gray wire to “GND”.
The yellow wire is the common ground of the two LEDs. Green = green led; Red = red led. Both LEDs can be operated with 24V DC, as the appropriate resistors are already integrated in the product.

Since the intelligence is stored in the iButton itself, only one iButton reader can be connected per 1-Wire Extension, since it is not possible to differentiate which reader the iButton is attached to.
The specified connection assignment is attached to the product by means of a label.

  • Signal transmission via 1-Wire, based on iButton technology
  • robust housing
  • Two-color LED in the middle of the reading unit (red / green)
  • Temperature range: -40 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Installation depth: 10 mm
  • Installation diameter: 20 mm
  • 1 x electronic iButton key reader, magnetic
  • 1 x M20 flat nut
  • 1 x sealing ring


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