IR Meter Reader Air

SKU: 100151
The Loxone counter interface IR Air enables the direct reading of electronic counters with an infrared interface. Based on Loxone Air technology, the IR Air counter interface is easily integrated into your home and helps you save energy. The infrared interface gives you all the information you need for smart energy management from your meter. Visualize the energy consumption in our free Loxone app and recognize potential energy savings! Or let the Loxone Cloud Mailer notify you when a certain consumption value has been reached.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • communicates directly with different meters
  • Targeted optimization of self-consumption
  • Eliminate power guzzlers
  • perfect in combination with a PV system
  • for other counters in development

If you have a photovoltaic system, you can use the electricity you produce yourself with the help of the IR Air meter interface, for example to switch on your washing machine exactly when your own electricity is being produced.
We are working on our software in order to be able to use the counter interface with as many meters as possible. The prerequisite is the support of your energy supplier.


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