Presence Sensor Air White

SKU: 100420
The presence detector is one of the most important sensors in any type of project. Thanks to reliable detection of presence and movement, it forms the basis for the automation of important functions such as lighting including constant light control, alarm, music, heating, ventilation or cooling and much more. In this way you can easily solve seemingly complex tasks.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • Reliably detects movement and presence through infrared and acoustic sensors (acoustic sensor in the Air variant only with a fixed power supply)
  • high detection area with a detection angle of 360 ° horizontally and 110 ° vertically (results in 8m detection diameter at 3m ceiling height)
  • integrated brightness sensor (measuring range 0… 83000lx)
  • Adjustable threshold value for acoustic sensor for presence detection
  • Adjustable threshold for acoustic sensor for alarming
  • Simple delimitation of the detection area using a sticker for the Fresnel lens

Presence Detector Tree

  • 1x presence detector Tree (white / anthracite)
  • 1x mounting plate
  • Sticker to cover the Fresnel lens to limit the detection area


Presence Detector Air

  • 1x presence detector Air (white / anthracite)
  • 1x mounting plate
  • 2x AA battery
  • Sticker to cover the Fresnel lens to limit the detection area


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