Push In Terminal Block 8×4 Interconnected (20 pcs)

SKU: 200168
The 8 layer interconnected terminal block has 4 push in connectors on each layer providing a total of 32 connections, all of which are interconnected. Its small footprint makes it ideal for the 24V and GND distribution to sensors such as switches and PIRS to create a neat installation. It can also be used for VDD, GND and DQ on 1-Wire sensors.


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Interconnected Terminal Block, perfect for 24V distribution & 1-Wire.

  • Quantity: 20 pcs
  • Type: PPV 8 OR 35X7.5 DGR
  • Manufacturer part number: 1301640000
  • 20 Weidmueller 8×4 Interconnected Terminal Blocks

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