Room Comfort Sensor Tree Anthracite

SKU: 100277
The must-have for an optimal indoor climate in your own four walls: the indoor climate sensor with the double-chamber principle. Measures temperature, humidity and CO2 precisely – and forwards this information to the miniserver.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • measures temperature, humidity and CO2 precisely
  • Must-have for the best indoor climate
  • 100% developed for the Loxone building
  • Installation and commissioning in record time
  • timeless, simple design

Variant Tree

  • 1x room climate sensor tree 1x single frame
  • 1x wallmount

Variant Air

  • 1x room climate sensor Air
  • 1x stand 1x single
  • 1x wallmount
  • 2x AAA batteries

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