Tree Cable PVC (200m)

SKU: 100502
The all-in-one cable for Tree devices – whether that’s presence sensors, switches or spots. With the Loxone Tree Cable PVC, you’ll be able to install and commission Loxone products quicker than ever before. The standardised colour-coding of the pairs greatly reduces the margin for error on an install.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • All-in-one cable for all Tree components
  • Shipped in a ready-to-go cardboard box with an in-built reel
  • Easy-to-identify colour coding
  • 200m of high-quality copper cable
  • 2×1.5mm² fine-wired copper conductor (Orange/White)
  • 2×0.6mm² solid-core copper conductor (Orange/White)
  • 2×0.6mm² solid-core (Green/White)
  • Suitable for Loxone Tree communication
  • Metre markings
  • CPR class Eca

The all-in-one cable for Tree installations

Via the twisted green/white wire pair all products are connected to the Tree branch. The twisted orange/white wire pair is used for the power consumption – depending on the power consumption with a cross-section of 0.6mm² resp. 1.5mm².

Failure prevention by colour-coding

The terminals of our Tree products are always equipped with the same colour code: green/white for the Loxone Tree communication and orange/white for the 24VDC power supply. The Tree Cable PVC has the same colour coding. This avoids errors in the wiring and provides the greatest possible clarity.

Simplified wiring. Fully scalable.

Tree technology offers full flexibility when it comes to the choice of topology. The Tree Extension forms the “trunk” to which up to 50 Tree products per branch can be connected. The nature of Loxone Tree means your installation can follow a free-form wiring topology. Our recommendation would be to pull a Tree Cable from the Tree Extension to the respective room and then star out to the individual tree components within that room.

  • 1x 200m Tree Cable PVC

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