Window & Door Contact

SKU: 200113
The Loxone Window & Door Contact will quickly detect any open windows or doors in your Smart Home and together with the Miniserver, can shut your motorised windows remotely on your instruction.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • Switching capacity: Max. 10W
  • Switching current: Max. 0.5 A / 100V
  • Dimensions: 34mm (W) x 14mm (H) x 7.5mm (T)
  • Connection cable: 3m length
  • Configure via Loxone Config

Better Security – In combination with the Miniserver and our Caller Service, Loxone Window & Door Contacts provide your Smart Home with a lot more safety. If any doors or windows are left open, you will be alerted to your smartphone via a phone call.

Controlled ventilation – You can help your Smart Home ventilate by lowering the temperature naturally with an open window. The contact gives you total control over it from anywhere.

Easy to install – You can mount the Window Contact either with tape and/or screws. The reed switch is mounted on the window or door frame, the magnet on the movable part of the window. Between the contact and the magnet should be a maximum distance of 2.5cm



1 x Door & Window contact with adhesive film and connection cable

4 x Screws

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