Window Handle Air

SKU: 100177
The battery-operated window handle Air quickly and reliably detects open, closed or tilted windows and can be easily integrated into any Loxone project. In addition, by means of a shock sensor, it recognizes whether someone wants to break into the house by force and your customers are informed immediately via the app, by email or an acoustic alarm.


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  • Product Specs
  • Includes
  • detects open, closed or tilted windows
  • detects broken glass due to vibration
  • chic design thanks to stainless steel look
  • installed in under 5 minutes
  • Battery operation with a service life of up to 2 years
  • ensures more security in every intelligent building

Thanks to the new Air window handle, your customers no longer have to worry about closing all windows before leaving the house. Thanks to the innovative Loxone Air technology , the Air window handle detects the current status of the window, as well as glass breakage due to vibrations – and all this without any cabling. Seamlessly integrated into the Loxone system, it ensures more security in your Loxone project – regardless of whether it is a smart home, residential building or office building.

The most common break-ins are caused by broken glass. Thanks to the integrated shock sensor, vibrations on the glass are reliably detected. In addition, your customers will be informed immediately about the incident.By recognizing the three handle positions (closed, open & tilted), your customers always have an overview of their windows and can also see them remotely via the app.

If the window handle registers an open window, the Loxone Miniserver turns down the heating in the respective room if required. Your customers will never waste money again.
Battery operated with 2 AA batteries with an expected life of more than 2 years.
Thanks to Loxone Air technology, it can be easily integrated into any Loxone home and building automation system.


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