Blackwood House

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Bedfordshire, this remarkable Self Build, masterfully designed by Charlie Luxton, came to life through the design & integration of cutting-edge home automation products.
  • LOCATION : Bedfordshire
  • VALUE : £100k
  • SCOPE : Home Automation Design & Installation

Wiise was approached to provide a comprehensive Smart Home solution for Blackwood House, a stunning Self-built residence located in Bedforshire . The goal was to seamlessly integrate automation features that would enhance the quality and design of this modern home. The Smart Home system was designed to complement the lifestyle of the homeowners allowing them simple control of their home. We prioritised simplicity and intuitiveness within every aspect of the design, ensuring an effortless experience for both residents and guests. Step inside this elegant and intelligently automated house to discover its remarkable features.

Home Automation design & installation at Blackwood House, where we worked in close collaboration with renowned architect Charlie Luxton. Blackwood House, a stunning architectural marvel, presents us with a unique opportunity to transform it into an intelligent and connected living space that harmoniously blends cutting-edge technology with exquisite design.

The goal was to provide them with a comprehensive and integrated smart home system that would not only offer convenience but also elevate their overall living experience. They desired a seamless and intuitive interface that would empower them to customise and adjust every setting according to their preferences, creating a truly personalised and comfortable environment.

With the touch of a button, they wanted to have the power to transform the ambiance, enhance security measures, regulate the climate, and maintain optimal heating throughout their entire home. It was essential for them to have the ability to effortlessly manage their smart home, simplifying their daily routines and ensuring that their living space catered to their unique lifestyle and needs.


What we did

Working closely with the client, we meticulously crafted a seamless home automation design that addressed every aspect of their needs. Our goal was to ensure that all the integrated features and products operated flawlessly, providing the utmost convenience with just a touch of a button.

One of the key elements we integrated into the design was Lighting Automation. We implemented intelligent lighting control systems that automatically adjusted the lights based on the time of day, occupancy, or desired ambiance. This allowed the homeowners to effortlessly create the perfect lighting scenes for various activities and moods, enhancing both convenience and energy efficiency.

Climate Control was another vital feature we incorporated. Our system provided precise control over heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, allowing the homeowners to easily maintain their desired indoor climate throughout the year. With intuitive interfaces and smart scheduling, they could optimize energy consumption while ensuring their comfort at all times.

To bolster security measures, we integrated Smart CCTV into the home automation setup. Strategically placed cameras with advanced monitoring capabilities provided real-time video surveillance and enhanced security. The homeowners could remotely access the CCTV system through their smartphones or other devices, granting them peace of mind and ensuring a safe living environment.

Keyless Entry & Access Control was a vital component we incorporated into the system. This feature allowed the homeowners to effortlessly enter their property without the need for traditional keys. Through secure and convenient methods such as biometric identification or digital access codes, they could enjoy a seamless entry experience while enhancing the overall security of their home.

To optimise energy efficiency and create a comfortable living environment, we integrated Internorm External Shading. This automated shading system intelligently responded to changing sunlight conditions, adjusting the external blinds or shades accordingly. By effectively managing solar heat gain and glare, the homeowners could enjoy optimal lighting and temperature control while reducing the need for excessive cooling or heating.

A robust Whole House Unifi WiFi network formed the backbone of our home automation system. This comprehensive network provided seamless connectivity throughout the entire property, ensuring reliable and fast internet access in every room. With a strong and stable WiFi connection, the homeowners could enjoy uninterrupted streaming, effortless device connectivity, and smooth home automation operation.

For those who desired a close connection with nature, we integrated Sun Tracking & Weather Station capabilities. This feature enabled the homeowners to track the sun’s path and monitor real-time weather conditions, empowering them to make informed decisions about natural lighting, outdoor activities, and even energy management. By leveraging this data, they could optimise their smart home’s settings and enjoy a deeper connection with their surroundings.

By seamlessly integrating Keyless Entry & Access Control, Internorm External Shading, Whole House Unifi WiFi, and Sun Tracking & Weather Station capabilities, we created a comprehensive home automation solution that perfectly aligned with the client’s needs. The result was a harmonious living experience where convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and a closer connection to nature seamlessly converged at the touch of a button.


Installed Features

Lighting Automation

Lighting automation grants the client full, independent control over their lighting. Whether adjusting individual lights or activating preset modes, they can seamlessly manage not just the lighting but also other aspects of their home.

Climate Control

With the Multi Zone Heating system, every room's temperature and efficiency are accurately and intelligently monitored, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency throughout the home.

Smart Cctv

The system provides alerts for any movement within the property perimeter, enabling proactive security measures. Clients can pre-set dynamic responses and also manually control the system for added convenience and peace of mind.

Mvhr Integration

The MVHR system salvages heated and cooled air, eliminating the need to open windows for fresh air, ensuring good air quality while saving energy.

Tesla Powerwall & Solar

With the Tesla Powerwall and solar installation, the client harnesses the sun's energy and efficiently stores it for later use, ensuring a sustainable power source even during nighttime or when the sun is not shining.

Keyless Entry & Access Control

The house and property access can be conveniently controlled and monitored both from within the premises and remotely, enabling secure access from anywhere at any time.

Internorm External Shading

The energy-efficient design of the aluminium Venetian blinds cleverly maximises the entry of natural sunlight into the home, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and minimising energy consumption.

Whole House Unifi Wifi

Experience seamless and comprehensive Unifi WiFi integration that provides occupants with fast and reliable internet connectivity in every nook and cranny of their home.

Sun Tracking & Weather Station

allowing the client to maximise energy savings with a fully integrated, sun tracking and weather station, optimising their solar system and automated features for current weather conditions.

Roof Window Automation

Windows can open and close automatically, responding to air quality, temperature, and weather conditions, and closing as the evening brings a drop in outside temperature.

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In the culmination of this project, our collaboration with the client has resulted in a meticulously crafted home automation design that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge features to enhance daily living. Lighting Automation adapts dynamically to the time of day, occupancy, and desired ambiance, optimizing both convenience and energy efficiency. Climate Control empowers precise command over heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, while Smart CCTV ensures vigilant security with real-time video surveillance accessible remotely.

The integration of Keyless Entry & Access Control, Internorm External Shading, Whole House Unifi WiFi, and Sun Tracking & Weather Station capabilities forms a comprehensive solution attuned to the client’s needs. This harmonious convergence of convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and a closer connection to nature defines a living experience where every touch of a button transforms the smart home into a realm of seamless sophistication.

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