Location: Berkshire
Budget: £150 -£250k
Scope: Smart Design & Electrical Installation
Status: In progress

Initially, this project was a refurbishment project to a large property but soon grew to include a large extension which will nearly double the total size of the property. Phase one, which is now complete included colour changing downlights throughout automated via motion sensors and controlled by Loxone Touch Pure switches or the Loxone app. For shading we used Qmotion blinds which delivered a 98% blackout rating.

A 20 zone music server means the clients are able to enjoy their music wherever they are in the house. For added comfort the client wanted to include air conditioning in certain spaces but was keen to make sure it would not fight against the heating system, the Loxone Smart Home system meant both heating and cooling worked harmoniously. A backup generator was included to ensure minimising downtime due to any power outages, this was designed to automatically changeover on a loss of power from the grid and notify the homeowners that the house had switched to back up generator supply.