Location: Hertfordshire
Budget: £250k +
Scope: Smart Design & Installation
Status: In progress

This project has over 340 lighting circuits, 36 zones of multiroom audio and a large hybrid security system controlled across 4 Loxone Miniservers. The client was also keen to include some advanced security measures including Analytical CCTV which can intelligently monitor perimeters and property access and Biometric entry using fingerprint recognition. The size of the property called for an alarm system which could be fully zoned depending on how the building was being used. A full range of climate controls and monitoring was required to integrate MVHR, Air conditioning, underfloor heating and radiators across the property. The Loxone Touch Pure switches provided control of the integral blinds in the velux rooflights and all other shading in the property. The velux windows were also opened and closed via the Loxone app meaning the customers had complete control as well as many automatic functions to choose from, such as automatically closing if it starts raining. In the basement you will find a complete home cinema with powerful audio and amazing picture quality, all fully integrated in to the Smart Home system.