Location: Buckinghamshire
Budget: £50k – £100k
Scope: Smart Design & Electrical Installation
Status: Completed

Wiise were approached to deliver a complete Smart Home solution for this stylish, modern build project in Buckinghamshire. The owner wanted to ensure that the Smart Home solution complimented the quality and design of the building itself. Automation needed to compliment the home owners lifestyle, not confuse them. We also ensured that all controls were simple and intuitive for the homeowners and guests. Take a look around this beautiful, sleek, intelligently automated home.


As with all Wiise projects, our first priority is understanding the homeowners requirements and how they will be using their home. The homeowners at Wendover wanted technology that would suit their design choices for the building construction as well as show off their flair for interior design. Wiise worked closely with the project lighting design team to deliver the controls for the lighting system. The 7 zones of underfloor heating that the heating contractor specified we controlled with Loxone to ensure all rooms were at the ideal temperature exactly when needed.

As the homeowners were always on the go they were keen to make sure any visitors to the home would not be missed, Wiise installed an intercom with keyfob entry meaning homeowners had peace of mind knowing that the home was as secure as it was welcoming. Wiise specified and integrated all AV components in the media room so the family were able to enjoy film night without having to find all 4 remote controls!



Motion sensor lighting meant the kids didn’t leave the lights on in their bedroom all day when they were at school.


The integrated smart alarm system is easy to arm when leaving and quick and secure to disarm when arriving home.


The system alerts of anyone within the property perimeter . Dynamic responses can be controlled & set by the user.


The Multi Zone Heating system means the home is accurately and intelligently monitored throughout every room.


Opening and closing automatically when the home was in use depending on air quality, temperature and weather.


Blinds are automated for simplicity and convenience whilst giving the user complete control to manually adjust as desired.


A different song in every room with full volume control, or play the same music across all zones totally in sync.


Access to the house and property can be controlled & monitored from inside the property & also remotely.


The homeowners will never miss a visitor thanks to the Loxone intercom. Homeowners are alerted to someone coming to the front door via the Loxone app. Wherever they happen to be, they can see the visitor, have a conversation with them and if they feel like it, open the front door.


Zoned heating at Wendover means that every room could be set to just the right temperature at the desired times. Typically this meant the bedrooms would be at the comfort temperature as homeowners wake up, by the time they were at work the bedroom was allowed to fall back to the economy temperature until it was warmed again later that night. The living room would remain at the set back temperature until comfort temperature at 6pm on weekdays, just as homeowners were settling down to watch TV.

On weekends these patterns were automatically adjusted. If one of the homeowners decided to work from home one day, a simple tap in the Loxone App put the home into a ‘working from home’ mode meaning the home office, living room and kitchen stayed warm throughout the day.


Walk in to any room in this beautiful home and the lightings will automatically do what you need. If the sun is shining in through the bi-fold doors and the kitchen is nice and bright, the lights dont come on at all. This is thanks to the light level sensors throughout the building. If there is not enough natural light, walking in to the room will automatically bring on the perfect light scene. Enter the ensuite at 8pm – the ‘everyday’ light scene comes on, walk in at 2am and some soft, low level lighting will discreetly light your way.

The outside space at Wendover was as much of a consideration as the inside. This meant controlling the outside lighting from Loxone. At sunset the outside lights come on to a low level to create a beautiful welcome for evening visitors. At 11pm the outside lights are automatically switched off.


Wiise integrated with the Velux windows so the opening and closing of them could be managed by the Loxone Smart Home system. If the room starts to get too hot, the Velux windows can gently open to help the room cool down. If it starts to rain, the Loxone system ensure the roof lights close.

These windows were also linked to the Loxone Weather Station so if the wind speed got too high the windows would automatically close to protect the building.

“This was a great project, every detail was executed to total precision and the end result is a completely seamless integrated system which I can add too when the time comes, and I can control the entire house from my phone.”
House Owner


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