Seamlessly integrate your office or workplace, with full control & flexibility to efficiently automate your business environment
improve the way you live

The Wiise Business Automation will monitor and respond automatically to changes in and around your business building, instantly adapting to its environment and the people working within it.

Custom design and installation of Commercial and Business Automation within the workplace, to ensure you premises is running as efficiently as possible, and along side your staff.

We specialise in the automation of commercial spaces from boardrooms, hotels, to plant rooms and factories. Using the power of the Loxone Miniserver, we can automate Lighting, HVAC, Shading, Security for a comfortable and safe working environment. Utilising the latest videoconferencing technology can save time and money by not having to travel. We can provide high definition sound and vision for meeting rooms and communal areas alongside the automation of other facilities.

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On-demand Lighting
Lighting is brought on automatically when spaces are in use to provide the right mood for the environment. When spaces are vacant the lights are switched off to save energy.

Climate Control
The climate can be intelligently controlled so spaces are well ventilated and at the desired temperature, while saving energy when not in use.

Automated Shading
On sunny days the blinds are automatically adjusted to prevent the rooms comfort temperature from peaking. The user can manually adjust this by using the on wall touch switch. When the room is not in use the blinds revert to automatic again, and will close automatically as dusk for privacy and comfort. 

Security & Safety
Building access control, allowing only staff and specific staff members to access certain areas of the building. As well as Integration with commercial intruder and fire alarms enables buildings lights, ventilation and shading to be controlled in an emergency automatically with announcements through public address systems.

Fibre Networking & WIFI
Wiise can design and install high-speed networks with failover redundancy from different internet providers. Our WiFi supports seamless client roaming on larger sites for complete flexibility.  

Pro Audio
Professionally installed audio systems allow spaces to be used for multiple applications such as for public announcements or background music.

Staff will have no trouble using the central control panel for all their smart business needs. There are no complicated switches to mess about with, and if management needs to take control of the system, they can, simply through using their smart phone.

Centrally Managed Business automation & control that will allow you to take control and monitor every aspect of your business.

Wiise Smart business solutions offer ways that allow your businesses building to adapt to your staff. Users can change lighting options to suit different rooms or counteract the weather conditions, and they can control the heating levels in separate rooms too – ideal for scheduling meetings and coffee breaks..

The Wiise Smart Business solution monitors and responds automatically to changes in and around your business building. This added sense of security allows you to leave the building at night, knowing that any adverse activity will be picked up by the system. The Smart business solution can be programmed to turn on security lights, alarms, and much more when a trespasser is detected.