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Running a business involves many variables. Your building operating costs shouldn’t be one of them. Building automation will monitor and respond automatically to changes in and around your building, instantly adapting to its environment and the people working within it.

We specialise in commercial building automation systems, from multi-level office blocks and hotels through to breweries and manufacturing plants.

Whatever the building type, the benefits are shared; cost savings, higher productivity and more comfortable working environments for all. Powered by the Loxone Miniserver, we can automate lighting, shading, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), audio systems and security. The first step is a site visit by our experienced team to audit the building and its existing systems. We will then offer recommendations and guidance on solutions tailored to your business needs and objectives.

Our intelligent, building management systems (BMS) will optimise the working environment for your staff with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront. Once installed, our systems will run intuitively in the background to the agreed settings, allowing you and your team to concentrate on the real business.

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On-demand Lighting

It makes no business sense to pay for lighting in meeting rooms and spaces that aren’t being used. With smart lighting control systems, you no longer need to be.  With sensors to detect natural light and also movement, lighting will be adjusted accordingly. If it’s not needed, it won’t be on. Intelligent lighting can also be optimised to boost productivity and your team’s energy with just the right balance of bright and cool lighting.

Our experienced lighting design team can help you configure the most efficient set up for you & your business.


Climate Control

The manual wall thermostat can be a source of tension and excess cost when not controlled efficiently. With smart climate control, working space temperatures can be controlled centrally whether that’s multi zone heating or cooling or in some cases both simultaneously. Stuffy meetings rooms become a thing of the past with the ability to monitor the exact CO2 levels in any room. If levels are exceeded, then the system will automatically boost ventilation reducing CO2  levels below the desired threshold and making everyone more comfortable.

Our systems utilise consistent ventilation ensuring optimum working environments whilst energy saving when not in use.


Automated Shading
Before activating the cooling system on a sunny day, it’s worthwhile ensuring the window blinds are working smartly. With automated window shades, blinds will automatically adjust to protect rooms from excess heat and workers from harsh sun rays. It’s set up in a way that a user can manually adjust the setting by using the on-wall switch. When the room is not in use again, the blinds revert back to the automatic program. Working late? Blinds can also be programmed to lower at dusk offering additional privacy and comfort.

Security & Safety

Building access control allows simple and central management of who can access business spaces and when. Controlled via an app on mobile, physical fob or both, accessing a building becomes convenient for all. From ongoing access to those who need a one-off passcode like delivery drivers or maintenance workers, the system allows for huge range of access flexibility. Gain valuable insights from tracked data on when a building might be used less e.g. Friday afternoons and adjust your energy programs accordingly.

The software is easily integrated with smart security alarm systems (graded systems too), enabling building lights, shading and ventilation to be controlled automatically in an emergency with the possibility for announcements through whole building audio system.


Fibre Networking & WIFI

High speed, reliable and consistent WIFI is essential for business. The costs of ‘downtime’ need not be an issue with our premium systems. We can design and install high-speed networks with failover redundancy from different internet providers – meaning if one goes down, your business need not. The providers can also be aggregated – simply meaning you use both for faster downloads.

If you’ve got requirements for fibre networking, we’ve got you covered too. Our WIFI supports seamless roaming on larger sites for complete flexibility to the work force.


Pro Audio

With a professionally installed audio system in your building, not every announcement or notification needs to be another email! Multiroom wireless audio systems can be great for multi-level office spaces, universities and also buildings with public access areas. Many businesses also enjoy playing background music through an audio system, which studies show can increase productivity as much as 15%!


Kitting out your meeting rooms with the latest video conferencing has never been more relevant. Equip your team to collaborate and connect with high quality audio and visual technology in meeting rooms, boardrooms and communal areas. We also offer a wide range of the latest projectors and video walls depending on your requirements for the space. Savings on travel costs are a given, as are a boost in productivity and time efficiencies.

Smart businesses start with the individual. Systems need to be easy-to-use and operate in order for them to truly benefit the team and the wider business.

At Wiise, we pride ourselves on offering the most intelligent and intuitive commercial solutions in the industry.

Forget complicated switches and interfaces, our commercial automation systems are easy to operate for everyone. For starters, it can all take place on an employee’s mobile phone – from building access through to heating (depending on access level granted). In certain spaces, on-wall switches will be provided for manual override when necessary, resulting in maximum comfort, control and flexibility at all times.

Our smart systems monitor and respond to changes in the building, in line with your business settings. It also gathers and stores important data around energy usage, building access and function utilisation meaning you can make informed business decisions moving forward. Facilities Managers and Maintenance teams will enjoy the benefits of monitoring buildings and plant control remotely.

Continual monitoring allows for preventative maintenance and can often be completed remotely too, saving call out fees and unnecessary downtime. A truly smart business space takes the hard work out, offering peace of mind knowing everything is optimised all day, every day.

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