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Create and share together the ultimate at home cinematic experience with the latest in entertainment systems.
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Experience a home cinema like no other…because this is all about you. From the movie, the room temperature, the recline of the chair, the volume, the snacks – this is your cinematic experience, just the way you like it.

From Consultation to Design & Installation, a Wiise home cinema means top quality and a goosebump guarantee

Forget waiting in line for movie treats, queuing to get your ticket scanned, people chatting in the row behind you: This is your cinema, your way. At Wiise, we will ask all the right questions to understand everything that is important to creating your ultimate at home cinematic experience and then design a bespoke solution for your space.

You might know exactly what you want for your custom home cinema installation, right down to the speakers, screen and projector. Or you might be looking for some inspiration with what’s possible – our team will happily work with any brief to bring a client’s vision to the big screen. There’s a science to recreating a cinema experience at home from audio through to visuals.

We’ll ensure we do out bit behind the scenes so everything comes together perfectly for a fully immersive cinema experience. Our designs will take into consideration the technical, aesthetic and also the practical factors of how your space can best be optimised so the end experience is everything you’d imagined…and a little more.

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Cinema Audio

This is all about recreating a sound experience that the Director intended, all in the comfort of your own home. Dolby is synonymous with cinematic sound and at Wiise, we bring that straight into your home and your ears with the Dolby Atmos Dedicated Home Cinema system with acoustic treatment. To optimise sound quality, we review room design and calculate the best settings to hit the right numbers for your space. Cue goosebumps.

Projectors & Screens

When it comes to home cinema screens and projectors, there’s an incredible range of options out there. Our team will offer advice and recommendations on the best projectors and screens to suit your space. We’ll take into consideration factors like ambient lighting and noise as well as if the room needs to be used for any other functions. We’ll then create a bespoke solution that ticks all the boxes for your needs, delivering the best in visual home cinema experience.

Cinema Seating

Are you sitting comfortably? One seat certainly doesn’t fit all when watching the big screen. From motorised reclining loungers to corner sofas to loveseats or something entirely bespoke, seating is a very personal preference when creating your unique cinematic experience. We offer a range of seating solutions depending on the room size, capacity, tiered flooring and features required.

Control Systems

It’s your cinema space so it’s only right you have the power to control it right there in your hands! Our simple handheld Savant remote features an easy-to-use, high-res, touch screen interface. The remote enables control of lights, screen, speakers and security – everything you need from the comfort of your cinema seat. Automate every part of the experience – from the start of the movie (projector on, lights down) to the unscheduled toilet breaks (pause movie, lights on), the control is all yours!

Automation Mechanisms

When’s a cinema room not a cinema room? When there’s an automation mechanism at play. That means the screen can be discretely tucked away behind a panel or wall, James Bond style, and only come out when the screening is about to begin. This allows your room to be used for other purposes without the big screen being everyone’s main focus. It also adds a little excitement when the movie is about to start!

Custom Rack Build

Rack building is an essential part of a cinema or smart home audio system, it’s basically a home for all system components that is tucked away out of sight. The space needs to be safe, well ventilated and tidy to keep equipment operating at its best. These are often located in a cupboard or a space outside of the cinema room as they can generate sound through fans…etc. We will review the options for best location based on easy access but also to minimise noise disturbance. We also ensure these systems are well organised and planned with documented wiring for the ease of ongoing management and future upgrades.

Media Rooms

If it’s not just exclusively a cinema experience you’re after then consider creating a media room. With a little more versatility, a media room can be a snug where you escape to listen to first-class quality music or a large space where you recreate a nightclub, party atmosphere! First and foremost will be the sound quality and there’s a range of systems depending on what you want to achieve including the 5.1 surround sound system and the Steinway Lyngdorf Audiophile system. Whether your budget is modest or grand, the space is big or small, we have the expertise and the best solutions to help you achieve the ultimate in audio experiences.

We believe to make a big impact, you’ve got to start small. It’s all about the little things, those small details that make all the difference to creating the ultimate, overall cinematic experience.

Once your cinema installation is complete we will fine tune your install to ensure your new home cinema is ready for you to enjoy.

Every home cinema design and installation is unique, because it all comes down to you and your personal preferences. We take the time to fine tune your install to your tastes. This involves calibrating the speakers for premium, professional and perfectly balanced audio and setting up the screen and projector for a stunning visual performance, just the way the director intended. From operating the seats, to switching up the lighting between pre-movie and movie time.””

We’ll show you how to control everything centrally with your remote or mobile app. With all your preferred program settings in place, all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your premiere screening. Goosebumps guaranteed.

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