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Imagine a home that knows you. Like, really knows you. From the perfect bathroom lighting in the morning through to your preferred playlist for a Friday evening. Oh and the lights, don’t forget the ambient lighting because that’s important. This is smart home automation … and with Wiise, it’s at your fingertips.

We understand that the world of home automation can be overwhelming we can help you discover where to start!

There are so many possibilities and the technology can blow your mind…and your budget! But that’s where we can help. At Wiise, we live and breathe home automation. Wiise can offer smart home solutions to suit your needs & budget.

Think of us as your smart home consultant. Firstly, we want to understand your lifestyle, how you use your home and what you’re looking to automate. We have the ability to come up with the best home automation ideas that will best suit you. We then show you the technology and the range of home automation designs to support that.

We specialise in the Savant Home Automation and Loxone Home Automation Systems – only working with the best brands in the business because we believe if you’re doing it, let’s do it properly from the offset. We can even throw some technologies into the mix that you may not have considered – or even knew were possible.

Allow us to show you around some of the possibilities within your home and the benefits total control home automation could bring to your lifestyle…

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Intelligent Lighting

Who likes waking up to sudden, bright ceiling lights in the morning? No, us neither. Sign us up instead for a gentle ambient bedside light – automated to the time of your choice. With intelligent lighting, you can program different lighting scenes in different rooms at different times of day. You might program it for a certain time e.g. 4pm kid’s homework – cue desk lights in the study. Or it might be triggered by ambient light sensors e.g. smart outdoor lighting at dusk.

Lose the catchphrase ‘are you finished in there?’ with lights that automatically turn off (and on) when leaving (or entering) a room. Bring on the energy savings and peace of mind knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet!

Multi Zone Heating

Every house has that misfit room; you know the one that gets super cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer. Well with multi zone, smart home heating and cooling, this just became a thing of the past! You can now enjoy every room of your house (even the misfit one) by programming each room to their optimum temperature for your comfort. By zoning the rooms, you will not only enjoy each room at its best, you’ll also enjoy some serious energy savings.

And if you happen to come home early, you can still enjoy a toasty house whatever time you arrive. Simply jump on the app when you’re homeward bound to pre-heat your rooms ready for a big warm welcome!

Automated Shading

Whatever the window covering (blinds, awnings, curtains), we can offer automation solutions. We can also supply a range of blinds (including Qmotion) that use self-charging batteries. Automated shading is integrated with the heating and cooling system allowing further and smarter energy savings.  We will follow the sun’s path to utilise its heat in your home depending on what it needs on the day, hour or minute! On a cold winter’s day, blinds will open allowing the morning sun to warm the space and when the summer sun hits, blinds will automatically lower to keep rooms cool – reducing need for paid heating or cooling.

We can even integrate your window shadings with your burglar alarm and lighting system, so any unwelcome visitors are greeted with uncovered windows and flashing lighting. That’s smart!

Smart Alarm

Just knowing you have a home alarm system in place can give peace of mind. Imagine being able to also jump onto an app, wherever you are, just to check in on the house too. Our CCTV home automation cameras can form part of a burglar alarm system, which will be activated when virtual trigger lines are crossed. When this happens, intruders will be deterred with the opening of blinds, flashing of lights and siren sounds played through the multiroom audio.

Our systems can also be used to safeguard against potential dangers like fire or water leaks. And if you need your system to contact the emergency services directly, we can integrate with your existing graded alarm or simply install one for you.

Smart Energy

Imagine your home optimising the energy it uses itself, so you don’t have to constantly worry and nag about it. Whether that’s switching off the lights and heating in rooms that aren’t in use or knowing the best time to distribute solar energy, a smart home takes out all the hard work. Using the mobile app, you can monitor your energy usage and also use that to inform household behaviours.

The benefits for you are numerous – savings on your energy bills, big sustainability tick and easing the mental load!

Many homes have WIFI blackspots – where the internet drops out or freezes, typically during a work zoom call! With working from home now more commonplace than ever, whole home WIFI ensures seamless connectivity wherever you are in the house. You don’t need to ever worry about where your router is (and getting closer to it) again, because coverage will be consistently excellent throughout your home.

We can even ensure it extends to your outdoor spaces opening up a whole host of indoor and outdoor location possibilities for work, study and streaming.

Multiroom Audio

Enjoy music, podcasts and audiobooks, wherever you are in the house. From your favourite morning radio show in the shower to your pizza making playlist in the kitchen, our systems allow you to simply and easily switch up your listening. Speakers can be used individually in each room, zoned or completely grouped together – ideal for when you’re entertaining. The multiroom audio system can also alert you if there is a fire or intruder in the house…or even something as simple as letting you know you’ve left a door or window open before you head out.

And it doesn’t stop with audio, you can enjoy multiroom video across the various screens in your house. So if you’re watching a show and want to head to bed, simply switch it up and don’t miss a second! CCTV can also be linked up to any of your TVs should you want to ever need peace of mind to see what’s happening around your property.

We believe the key to creating a smart home is simplicity. Forget complicated switches or an abundance of touch panels, controlling your Wiise Smart Home system is simple.

We create high end home automation systems that are simply controlled through one app.

Your devices and appliances are streamlined and integrated for your ease and comfort. You become the conductor and your house, plays to your tune. And if you change the tune, that’s ok. In fact it’s easy…and encouraged! At the heart of your system is the Loxone Miniserver. It doesn’t need WIFI or cloud dependency so runs consistently, smoothly and automatically. As part of the installation, together with you, we set everything up to the settings you think you’ll want. We take the time to show you how it all works and ensure you’re fully comfortable using the system moving forward.

This then runs in the background, just happening intuitively. If for any reason you want to switch things up, you can manually take control on the app and either change settings or temporarily override what’s there. You can also adjust your Smart Home System via a simple, user-friendly wall panel – perfect for visitors and making the system accessible to all. And if you ever need us after installation, we’re here to help!

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