Black Barn Studios / Charlie Luxton

Introducing an energy-efficient building automation space for architect Charlie Luxton’s creative team. This innovative workspace streamlines day-to-day processes.
  • LOCATION : Oxfordshire
  • AWARDS : Architects Journal Award Winner - Sustainability
  • SCOPE : Building / Office Automation Design & Installation

Working with renowned architect Charlie Luxton and his creative team, Wiise proudly presents a groundbreaking venture in energy-efficient building automation. . This visionary workspace seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design, earning recognition as the Architects Journal Award Winner – Sustainability.

Immerse yourself in a space where day-to-day processes are streamlined, and the focus is on optimizing lighting, climate control, and overall automation to enhance work operations while minimizing energy consumption.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. The experience within this intelligently automated workspace goes beyond accolades—it invites you to witness a new era of efficiency and design. Welcome to a workspace where every detail is meticulously crafted for an unparalleled work environment.


What we did

Just as with every Wiise project, our journey began with a deep understanding of the Charlie Luxtons’ needs and desires. For this unique project, where innovation meets lifestyle, our focus was on seamlessly integrating a suite of cutting-edge features, we allocated adequate time to plan and ensure we were using the correct technology to deliver the final project and meet Charlies’ expectations.

The Automated Lighting system, a cornerstone of modern work spaces, was meticulously designed in collaboration with the project lighting team, ensuring a harmonious blend with the architectural aesthetics. Zoned Climate Control, utilizing advanced technology, provided the homeowners with the luxury of personalized comfort in every room, precisely tailored to their preferences.

Access Control, a pivotal element in the pursuit of security and convenience, was seamlessly incorporated into the project. The intercom system, equipped with keyfob entry, not only safeguarded the home but also offered a warm and efficient welcome to clients and staff.

The auditory experience was elevated with Artcoustic Audio, as we curated a sound system that offered the work space am immersive audio experience. The Mvhr Integration, a silent force optimizing air quality, ensured a seamless and healthy living environment.

Harnessing the power of Solar Energy, the Black Barn Studios Project embraced sustainability, contributing to a greener future. Daylight Harvest Lighting, an intelligent solution, adapted to natural light levels, enhancing both energy efficiency and the overall ambiance.

Finally, Smart Security, an integral part of the Wiise experience, was woven into the fabric of this delightful workspace, providing advanced measures that go beyond conventional safety norms. At Wiise, we don’t just design work spaces; we craft experiences where every feature is a testament to innovation, comfort, and a tailored lifestyle.


Installed Features

Automated Lighting

Motion sensor lighting means the every workspace is perfectly illuminated for optimal working conditions, as well as conserving power when a space is empty.

Zoned Climate Control

The Multi Zone Heating system means the work spaces temperature & efficiency is accurately & intelligently monitored throughout every room.

Access Control

Access to the house and property can be controlled & monitored from inside the property & also remotely, allowing access from anywhere.

Artcoustic Audio

Immersive audio experience in every room with Artcoustic audio speakers. Enjoy full volume control and the flexibility to play different songs in each room or synchronize the same music across all zones.

Mvhr Integration

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Integration: Enhancing indoor air quality and energy efficiency through advanced ventilation and heat recovery technology.

Solar Energy

This Building harnesses the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable electricity while reducing environmental impact & can be monitored and optimised.

Daylight Harvest Lighting

Carefully designed to best harvest natural light to enhance illumination, energy efficiency, and the overall well-being of indoor spaces.

Smart Security

The system alerts of anyone within the property perimeter. Dynamic responses can be pre set up by the client and also controlled manually.

Take a look around




As the Architects Journal Award Winner – Sustainability proudly adorns this project, it stands as a beacon of our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection of technology and design. Black Barn Studios is not just a space; it’s a testament to the possibilities when thoughtful craftsmanship meets cutting-edge solutions.

Wiise extends its gratitude to the Charlie Luxton, for entrusting us with the realization of their vision, and to the entire team involved for their dedication in bringing this intelligent and sustainable dwelling to life. Black Barn Studios project embodies our ethos: creating spaces where technology not only serves but elevates, and where every detail is a reflection of innovation, comfort, and a bespoke lifestyle.

“Wiise produced a bespoke solution for a highly integrated low energy building. Accommodating our requirements with knowledge and enthusiasm.” – Charlie Luxton

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