Seamlessly integrate your homes lighting, heating, shading, audio & more with full control & flexibility to enhance your everyday living.
improve the way you live

Closes the windows when it rains, turns on lights when you walk in, opens the blinds for winter sun, regulates the temp, sets the alarm, locks your door, create custom preset settings & scenes…

… create a Home Automation environment that works with you!

Automation for your home, fully controlled from one app, working with you and the climate to ensure you house runs efficiently.

A Real Smart Home simplifies life in the home and minimises the need to control your home manually.

The home, built to provide a safe place to relax, sleep and entertain, has undergone significant changes in recent times. A typical 21st century home has lots of devices and appliances which, when used properly, can make life easier for its occupants, maximising their comfort and minimising their energy consumption.

However, when these devices and appliances are too demanding of our time, it quickly makes us want to return to the ‘good old days’.

A Real Smart Home is not a random collection of gimmicks. A product’s ability to be controlled via a smartphone does not make it a Smart Home component. Many products on the market lack the ability to be integrated. This ability to be integrated, or to be guided by a conductor in order to offer greater functionality to the homeowner, is the basis for real Smart Home Automation.

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Intelligent Lighting
Change the look and feel of a room by automatically switching and dimming the lights based on different times of day and season, lights can automatically turn on and off when entering or leaving a room, which as well as being very convenient can save on your electricity bill. The on Wall Touch Pure switch enables easy manual control of the lights when transitioning from cooking to a dining mood for example.

Multi Zone Heating
Let Wiise Smart Home save you up to £400 a year with multi-zone heating. Enjoy every room of the house at just the right temperature & pre-heat your house before you get home.

Blinds & Shading
Control your blinds individually, in groups or even automatically. You can even integrate your blinds with your burglar alarm so that they open when an intruder is detected.

Smart Alarm
Give yourself peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure when you are home or away, with the bonus of real time push notifications. Intruders will be deterred by the opening of blinds, flashing lights and the sound of sirens though the multi room audio.

Smart Energy
Your smart home is always optimising the amount of energy you use. For example; switching off the lights and heating in rooms that are not in use. Using the mobile app, you can monitor your energy usage and control what type of energy to use at what time.

Reliable and High speed WIFI in rooms and outdoor spaces with Smart Roaming allowing users to move around without loss of connectivity.

Multiroom Audio
Listen to your favourite music in every room; sing along to your Spotify playlist in the shower in the morning, or chill out with relaxing music over dinner in the dining room.

All of these features together can be regarded as an orchestra. An orchestra only works when everything is in harmony. An orchestra also has a conductor, who is responsible for directing all of the musicians.

Beautifully orchestrated technology, that works in harmony with you.

In a Smart Home, the conductor is the Loxone Miniserver. It turns the individual features and components into one overall unit that is harmoniously coordinated. As far as possible, each component and system within the home should perform its duties automatically, without manual intervention. When completed, this orchestra provides something truly holistic: Real Smart Home!

Forget complicated switches or an abundance of touch panels. Controlling your Wiise Smart Home system is simple. It will take care of things automatically in the background, but should you wish to manually take control, all it takes is a tap on your mobile device. You can also adjust your Wiise Smart Home system via a switch on the wall, so if you have relatives staying, they can easily control the lights in the same way they’re used to.